Refugee Kids Not Allowed to Play with German Kids


The most unacceptable, unimaginable and wicked action to take against refugee-children is denying them the right to play. This is a fundamental human right. Most often the status of a refugee in Germany can be described as a person or a group of people without projection. You have no right to work, no right to education & unable to plan and socially weak.

The “Berliner Zeitung” a regional newspaper in Berlin writes, in the neighborhoods of Reinickendorfa surbub of Berlin. The people have built a fence (Berlin Wall) around a playing ground in the “Am Windhalmweg”, thus restricting refugees (kids) from entering.
The neighborhood justified their actions insisting the refugee kids are too noisy when playing, meaning German kids do not even talk to one another whilst playing! Again they play late in the night. Yes why not, if these kids are to wake up early for school, they wouldn’t be found playing around that time.
The governing mayor –(Burgermeister) Klaus Wowereit should be made to resign if he sees nothing wrong denying a group of children their fundamental right to play. Berlin must not tolerate this even for a day

God Bless Germany!
God Bless the Refugees!

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