Berlin , the capital and the most largest city of Germany has suffered a rather gruesome attack about an hour ago killing 12and injuring 58 people . Eyewitnesses at the scene said a huge truck from no where drove into the people who were having fun with family and friends in a Christmas market ( Weihnactsmarkt) ,in the west of Berlin .

Police say the driver of the vehicle who is on the run after causing such a disheartening scene today ,Monday 19th ,2016 at about 20:00hrs .Investigations so far has discovered a bomb in the truck which for some reason did not work out .This makes it obvious that it was a deliberate attempt made to claim nnocemt lives hence a terror attack .Observers say how he drove over the people who were in the christmas market living them lifeless or severly injured was an unpleasant scene.

The christmas market is said to be located at Breitscheidplatz close to kufurstendamm ,which happens to be the main shopping street in the west of Berlin.

This is a really a big scare to the residence in Germany and might go a long way to affect the joy of christmas and the tradtion ,where friends and family mostly do meet talk and have fun markets to have a taste of glue vine which is taken hot to keep one warm and put fear in them ."Weihnactmarkt" as Germans call it is an area or square decorated with lights and several tents that sell food ,drinks and items to the people that srtroll in and almost always considered as a tradion ,hence the name "Weihnacht" meaning "Christmas"

Families of the victims both death and injured are being contacted to identfy the bodies and injured persons .Please call a friend or family member to find out if they are safe or not .

This incidence reminds us of what happened in France . 

Let us all stay safe this christmas