The follow up story - The victim who got shot in Hamburg Germany

Above is the image of the victim in a yellow Lacost t-shirt and khaki pants, involved in the recent shooting incidence that happened this month in Hamburg .The incidence caused a stire and rage among the African community in the Diaspora. The community organised a protest march against the German police, demanding the whereabout and welfare of the victim.

The 34 year old victim, Augustine Akwasi Obang hails from the Ashanti Region of Ghana. He is currently receiving medical attention at the ASKLEPIOS KLINIKUM ST.GEORG (Hospital)  Lohlmühlenstraße 5, Haus C, in Hamburg Germany.
The acting Ambassador of Ghana to Germany, Mr Samuel Adotey Anum took keen interest in the case right from day one. On Wednesday, the 15th of February 2017, at exactly 14:21 Mr Anum, his assistant and two reporters of Topafric Media Network, namely Effiya and Henock visited the ASKLEPIOS KLINIKUM ST.GEORG in Hamburg.

Upon arrival at the hospital,  the name AUGUSTINE AKWASI OBENG was no where to be found on the hospital's data. The lady at the reception made it clear, if his name was not on the computer then he is not in the hospital. 
The hospital receptionist demanded an identity card from the acting Ambassador before permitting him to see the victim. Security was very tight, with two security officers guiding the entrance

After about 45 minutes, Mr. Anum come out confirming Augustine is in good health and of sound mind and was even happy to see him. He said both had a normal conversatiom from the onset until he asked the victim to share his own side of the story.
According to the acting ambassador, his worry was why the two policemen and a handcuff on his right leg to the bed. He however adviced that it was better to withhold the victim's own side of the story until investigations are thouroughly conducted.
He again pleaded with the community leadership to allow the lawyer of the victim to legally handle the case while they patiently wait for the outcome.


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