Are You a Newcomer in Germany looking for work??


If you are a newcomer to Germany and are looking for work, you should seriously consider contacting MigrantHire, a smart matching system that can connect you to socially responsible employers.
MigrantHire was co-founded by Hussein Shaker, a Syrian refugee and Information technology student who struggled to find work in IT when he arrived in Germany.

Mr Shaker and Remi Mekki, a Norwegian entrepreneur living in Berlin together with two other Berliners established the recruitment platform MigrantHire to help the newcomers to Germany find work and integrate into society as fast as possible.
MigrantHire’s mission is to help as many refugees as possible find work in Germany.

“With over 600,000 jobs and an aging population, Germany is in dire need of an influx in the workforce. We know that getting a job is one of the key factors of integration, and people coming to Germany want to start working and contributing to the society as soon as possible,” MigrantHire says.

Whoever needs help in finding a job in Germany can register with MigrantHire, upload their CV, and the platform will do the rest. After creating your profile, the MigrantHire team will connect you with the right opportunities.

The team will also support you with all questions regarding work permit, training and certification.

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