Refugees in Germany turning to prostitution


Frustration is forcing an increasing number of male refugees in Germany into prostitution, German NGOs have revealed.
By speaking with those NGOs, InfoMigrants learnt that many of the refugees are having sex with older men for money.

Diana Henniges who works at German refugee aid initiative “Moabit Hilft” in Berlin, narrated to InfoMigrants the story of a 16-year old Syrian-Palestinian boy who came to Germany in 2015. When he turned 18 he had to leave the German youth centre where he was hosted.

He ended up living in a gymnasium with other asylum seekers but due to lack of security personnel and social workers, the boy was repeatedly beaten, threatened and mocked by the other people with whom he shared the accommodation.

Fearing deportation, InfoMigrants reports that the boy left the gym and entered the world of prostitution and drug abuse. He offered “sexual services” to an older man in exchange for a place to stay for half a year.

The number of young asylum seekers turning to prostitution is increasing in Germany. They are mainly from Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria and Iraq. InfoMigrants reports that the refugee prostitutes are aged between 16 and 25 years old, with some as old as 35.

Several factors make the young asylum seekers in Germany turn to prostitution including the asylum status, level of education, drug addiction or homelessness.

Ralf Rötten, the director of the “Hilfe für Jungs” youth support organization in Berlin, confirmed to InfoMigrants that there were many younger refugees who sold their bodies for money.

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