J.J. Rawlings rescind his Decision


Speculations were all over by other Ghana’s political parties concerning the readiness of the former President John Jerry Rawlings to quit from the ruling NDC party have been turned to be a dream.

As the party plans its congress in Kumasi, this afternoon, rumors were that he (JJ) would not honor the invitation to partake the event but they got it wrong. “The Man was born to win and he has the charisma” Surprisingly, the whole stadium, the venue of the congress nearly somersaulted when the crowd overwhelm to welcome the former President in a fleet of convoy. 

He was however scheduled to give a speech. With usual applause from the crowd amidst, loud blowing of trumpets, dancing and jubilating, JJ was welcome to the podium to give his hidden message. He however put the opposition wrong. He showed them that, “a bird at hand worth ten times a bird in the Bush”.  

“Ladies and Gentlemen, join me now to congratulate the newly installed President of Ghana – H.E. President John Dramani Mahama” JJ exclaimed.  

He used the platform to wholeheartedly welcome the president and urged him to quickly install integrity through the presidency, as he swiftly referred the old adage that says “A bad nut spoils the whole nuts” 

The former president further cautioned that, credibility needed to be restored now before the party goes to the poll. He therefore made reference to that era (2008) when some group of few people struggled for the party’s victory while others were in their air-conditioned rooms enjoying.  

He therefore called on all supporters and sympathizers both home and abroad to come together to help in the campaign trail for the party to win power come December 7. 

God bless our Homeland, Ghana.

Report by: Mensah Dekportor (Hamburg)