Kuwaiti Woman Films Her Ethiopian Maid Fall From Seven Story Building


COPS in Kuwaiti police have detained a woman who filmed her Ethiopian maid screaming for help before falling from a window instead of helping her.

Shocking footage emerged showing the domestic worker clinging on to a window frame by her fingertips and howling in terror.
Dangling by just one hand she hangs outside the window, begging for help as she stares seven stories down.

The terrified maid is screams “hold me, hold me”.

But instead of helping, the Kuwaiti woman – who is reportedly her employer – simply stands and films her.
The woman holding the camera is heard telling the hanging maid: “Oh crazy, come back.”

Then, in a heartstopping moment, her grip finally fails her and she plummets seven floors, smashing into a metal awning.

But her employer does not even seem to react, simply following her down with the camera before posting the footage to social media, Al-Seyassah newspaper reported.

Miraculously the African worker survived her fall, which is said to have come about as the result of a last minute change of heart during a suicide attempt.

The metal awning which she slams into with a sickening thud seems to soften her fall, as she managed to limp away.

A second video shows emergency workers helping the woman down a ladder after her death-defying fall.

Paramedics rushed her to hospital where she was found to have suffered a broken arm and bleeding from her nose and ear, it was reported.

Cops have now referred the employer to prosecutors for failing to help the victim, the newspaper said.
The reasons for the maid’s attempted suicide, meanwhile, have not been revealed.

The Kuwait Society for Human Rights on Friday called on the authorities to investigate the case and refer it to court.

The oil-rich Gulf state is home to more than 600,000 domestic helpers, largely from Asia, many of whom complain of abuse, mistreatment and non-payment of wages.

Hundreds of maids escape their employers every year over abuse, and the government has set up shelters for them. Some seek help from their embassies.