The difference between Needs and Wants


A need is something that is needed to survive. A want is something that an individual desires, but would be able to live without it.

Stated differently: Needs are the necessities that we require to live “at a point in time”

Example: food, water and clothing.

A want is something we require /desire to improve our quality of life or social status. Wants are considered as wishes, that changes with time.

Technically it is difficult to specify samples of Wants: Nice cars, Internet, big house and fashionable shoes. The list can be tall as wishes vary and are unlimited.

If one depends on a car to drive to work or distribute Pizza, the car becomes a need, your survival depends on it. However, if you need a car to show off, it becomes a want. For instant to take you to funerals, parties and to church on Sundays.

If you need the Internet to work from home or do home studies, it is a need. However, if you need the internet to be playing games at home or browsing social media all day long. It becomes a want.

One can conclude that needs and wants are separate forces that compel actions for satisfaction. If needs are not met on time, a person survival is at stake whereas wants are something which a person is craving for, that does not challenge a person’s survival if not satisfied.

Desmond John Beddy