Milestones - Our History

Yaw-Sam Sekyere -Co Author


Why can't our entrepreneurs compete with the competition from Asia? What about the future of our second and third generation of immigrants in Germany? How can we Ghanaian immigrants contribute to the socio-economic development of our homeland? These and similar questions concern not only the Ghanaian community in Germany. No, they concern many different migrants of African descent. We may differ in our diversity, speak different languages ​​and dialects, live different customs and beliefs. And yet one thing unites us: Germany has become our home.

The problems and challenges we face are not identical, but very similar. The questions of the Ghanaians are also the questions of the Senegalese, Nigerians and Cameroonians. The book "The History of Ghanaians in Germany" examines these questions and looks for answers and solutions. It is a milestone in the history of migration of Africans in Germany. Their story, so to speak. A group of 25 authors led by Desmond John Beddy (Hamburg is his adopted home), founder of TopAfric e.V. and initiator of the African Youth Education Awards (AYEA), impressively describe the situation in the communities. The book shows the perspective of Africans. Their self-image and perception of the environment in a country and society that is still partly foreign to them. In the same breath, it also describes the encounter between different cultures. The book represents a milestone because it is the first of its kind. There is no second. It combines the history, snapshots and prospects of the Ghanaians in Germany. The efforts they make to integrate into the German majority society. Their scepticism as to whether they will ever succeed, but also their irrepressible optimism to be able to master it.

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Yaw-Sam Sekyere 
Dortmund -Germany