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What do you think about Germany? Do you live in Germany, a German or a regular visitor to Germany. Thus you all have one thing in common.  Recently there was a post on social media asking people to “Describe Germany in one word”

Many were able to do so, some constructed sentences and others began to write books on the subject. Are you of the same opinion or not?  We begin with those who used one word to describe Germany.

Seidu Shaibu -Great

Carola Liebig -Cold

Nana Ponkor -Rich

Selorm Abladzie -Solid

Raf Awolola -Integrity

Ato C. Yankah Jr -Home

Nic Von A Besa -efficient

MGold Hornam OA -HOME

Gladys Schimankowitz -Nice

Mgbeke Steadymaintain Isaac -Discipline

Simplice Ndago -Opportunity

Daniel Jeddman -Promising.

Martin Yeboah -Freiheit

Ashey Staron -Quality

Muller Hamburg -Freiheit

Okatakyie Bossman -Peacefull

Novi Wop -Home

Dua Fordjour –wunderbar (Wonderful)

Fatma Hanke -Discipline

Rudy Valentino Jr. -Quality

Alexandru Grozav -Wirtschaftswachstum (economic growth)

Cobby Mann –Wunderbar (Wonderful)

Dayan Kodua -Chances

RA Iyare A. Imasi -Zuhause (Home)

Mable Preach -Safe!

Emefa Pat Ayewou –Erfolgreich (Successful)

Priscie N. Mukira -Blessed

Akeem Natty Dread -Never accept defeat

Frank Eboh Nkum -Fair player

Frank Eboh Nkum –Weissheit (Wisdom)

Tsepo Andreas Bollwinkel –Mülltrennung (waste separation)

Getie Gelaye -Diversity

Femi Bode Savage -Punctuality

Oloruntoyin LaToya Manly-Spain -Happyland

Bettina Zinnert -Fußball ⚽

Henrietta Badu -Clean

Linda Rosina de Souza -Genauigkeit (accuracy)

Zerai Kiros Abraham -Home

Prince Joe -Machine

Bibusa Washington Wißemann -Home

Roger Lange -Cold

Elizabeth Kellers –Fleißig (diligent or hard-working)

Adejumo Oyeleye -nice!

Yannick Be -Sheeple!

Baerbel Klett -Structured

Austin E Achoke -Efficient

Carola Liebig -Stoppt den Waffenhandel (Stop the arms trade)

Carola Liebig -Humanity

Patricia Alicoe Appiah –Schön (lovely)

Melanie Schramm -Home

Yannick Tchatchuang –Zuverlässigkeit (reliability)

Katakyie Chris Yeboah-Sanni -ideas

Fianu Reuben Mawuli -Great

Blessing Ikpuri –Discipline

Kofi Appiah -Great

Mami Ekua -World-Power

Mitsouko le Dix –Menschenrechte (Human rights)

Monika Nutz; wow... I am overwhelmed and proud to read all your meanings and compliments to describe Germany in one word. I am born and living in Germany and know that lots of Germans are not satisfied with their life. They all don't know the situation in other countries. .... All your comments here are like warm hugs to me.

John Kwesi Assiaw: The truth is said here to those who went through toils and strains to be what they are today. Surely most German citizens have it tough going but who should be blamed. The Chancellor cannot go from home to home counselling people. A law is made before world war one and updated after the biggest unemployment and economical confrontation, yet many including me had it tough going till I understood it.

We travel to gain knowledge in order to return as a gold medal for our African nation where we originated from. This land had two faces and it's brutal just as the Ten Commandments given to Prophet Moses by the almighty God. But by obedience peace prevails.

John Kwesi Assiaw; a land that was built through sweat & tears, has given everyone who obeyed the laws of the land the opportunity to study and live his or her dream. This land is far better than the USA! Respect.

Collins Agbedanu-Kröger; one word is not enough in a land of opportunities. Just thank God that we live to see this and education at top level allows our children to taste the best competition at all levels... Yet still there are minorities that hate foreigners. They are those who see it different. But Ghana is where I come from.

John Kwesi Assiaw: Collins I saw this video a few days ago and felt really ashamed. Whilst the whole world is fighting for human rights, a brother goes to sell his own soul. This is the modern day Judas Iscariot. He is just so stupid.

John Kwesi Assiaw: Collins Agbedanu-Kröger see this Uncle Tom in the AFD party killing his own soul for the sake of higher salary and falsely. Sorry Bro, but you are a disgrace to the black race and Africa.

Adeola Aus Lagos: Collins Agbedanu-Kröger Nigerians call this type of man all weather, German will call him Chameleon he is a shame to humanity.

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Land of opportunities
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