The Afro Beauty Festival and Miss Nappy Germany was rich and informative

Miss Nappy Germany 2019 Ms Rose Kamande


The Afro Beauty Festival is one of the richest and informative events organized in Germany by Africans. It consists of workshops, podium discussions, an Afro book fair and the Miss Nappy (hair show). The theme of this year’s event was “Become the best version of yourself”.

Miranda Oben, Yolander James, Thulani Thomose, Nicole Alice Deeg, Eugene Boateng and Alina Hodzode participated in the podium discussion. The message that came out clearly was that Africans should be themselves, be proud of their cultural heritage and patronize goods and services offered by one another. The discussion was moderated by Dr. Stephania Mbianda Papdo.
The workshops were very interesting, with several personalities and interesting topics as follows:

Mother & Child Haircare by Elise Nyemb
10 Steps to a Successful Book (“10 Schritten zum erfolgreichen Buch”)  by Clara Meierdierks
Make-Up Masterclass by Mbenguisha
Hair-Care Workshop by Shirley  
The Bizz of Show Bizz by Eric Adou
Cash Management by Philomena Ngunga
DIY: Customized Accessories by Ediyemade
Be Your Best Version by Nana Adisson
Energy Management by Alina Hodzode 
The Bizz of Show Bizz by Eugene Boateng
2 2Artists
Several artists mounted the stage and treated the audience to beautiful music, poems and Afro dance. Among them was Tsega Tebege, the lady with the golden voice, and the sexy Afro dance performance by Mouhina & Naima was electrifying. The crowd insisted they be allowed to perform again.

Friendly Fire Crew, a multicultural group treated the crowd to some melodic reggae and Afrobeat music. L&R, Wopana and Ornella Mwikasa also performed. 

The motivational speech by Joana Fatondji was powerful, with many people nodding in agreement while she addressed the gathering.

Book Fair
There were also book presentations from the following authors: Clara Meierdierks, Florence Tsague, Mwihaki Watkins and Thulani Tomose.

The Miss Nappy was the highlight of the evening. It had 5 beautiful ladies in contention for the title. Contestant number 1 was 18-year-old Irina Mahosindraja from Oberteringen. Contestant number 2 was Paule Ingrid Kelodjoue, a 21-year-old from Saarbruken. Contestant number 3 was Patricia Dongmo. Contestant number 4 was Luzolo Kiangebeni, 23 years of age from Bergheim. Contestant number 5 was Rose Kamande from Cologne.
frontAll contestants had one thing in common—they were beautiful, intelligent and wore their natural African hair. Their goal is to empower Africans to stay natural and be themselves. Remember a person without an identity is like a tree without roots.

The candidates had to appear four times: the 1st round was introducing themselves, the 2nd round was taking questions from the jury, and the 3rd round was the talent-contest in which the ladies had a choice to either sing or dance. The last round saw the ladies in their glamorous African wear; they were dressed to kill and looked sexy.

The judges on the day were: Yolander James, Desmond John Beddy, Elise Nyemb, Aurelien M. and Rabine D. The following factors were taken into consideration: presentation, eloquence, ability to answer questions, confidence and potential.
650The Winner

Finally, the results were broadcast. The first had 103 points and the second 101 points. It was a really good contest. The first runner-up was the 23-year-old Ms Luzolo Kiangebeni, and the winner of the day was Rose Kamande.

The event took place on Saturday, 20.07.2019 at the Senate Hotel, 3 minutes’ walk from the popular Cologne Cathedral. Moderation was done by Sylvain Djongue und Yinka Kehinke; they were not only good, but they coordinated their activities well.

The event was organized by Dr Stephania Mbianda Papdo and team, and there was enough to eat and drink. The Afro Beauty Festival is a great event based on a unique concept that needs the support of all stakeholders (sponsorship.)

Interestingly, most of the attendees were not residents of Cologne which suggests that the event may be more popular elsewhere.
God Bless Africa
God Bless Germany
By Desmond John Beddy

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