Juliet H and William T! The Way Forward


The African community in Hamburg is still struggling to come to terms with the deaths of Juliet Osei Homme, who was murdered by her husband in December 2018, and William Tonou-Mbobda, who died on 26 April 2019 after being physically abused by three security guards at the Eppendorf Hospital in Hamburg.

Juliet, a 42 year old mother of four, hailed from Ghana, whereas William, a 34 year old student, was from Cameroon. Both came to seek greener pastures in Germany, to help their families back home. Their untimely deaths could have been avoided.

Currently, the case of Juliet is ongoing in the courts of Hamburg. Those who have visited the courts insist the lawyer representing the family is underperforming, allowing the state prosecutors to have their way.

These two separate incidents have kept the African community in Germany, particularly in Hamburg, busy with diverse opinions.

TopAfric, in collaboration with Akonda Eine-Welt-Café and Black Media Germany, is organizing a symposium on Friday, 28 June 2019 at the Bamberk Basch (Hamburg Denheide), Wohldorfer Str. 30, 22081 Hamburg.

The two hour programme runs from 18.30 to approximately 20.30.

The panellists are set to discuss the legal framework.

How is the community to react in such circumstances, and how to differentiate between murder and manslaughter?

What is expected from the lawyers? How do family members and community leaders conduct themselves during such a time?

What role do the African media institutions and journalists play? And what press statements are to be made?

The panellists are:

Sonja Collins (Journalist)

Yaw Apraku (Jurist)

Mohammed Maiga, President of (CBH e. V.)

Tom Glaeser (Freier Journalist / ISD Hamburg)

Philip Brobbey (Jurist)

Moderation by Edward Martin (Jurist)

Join us this Friday to discuss the law and its effects on our daily lives. Know how to react in critical situations with the law on your side.

Our sincere appreciation goes to the CECEM e.V., Black Sisters, the Ghana Catholic Mission, the Boateng family of Hamburg, and Sister Oloruntoyin LaToya Manly-Spain.

TopAfric Media Network

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