I went from having a disorganised year to a great year after understanding the parable of the water bottle and the stained glass, which I obviously will share with you in this article.

You find yourself here because you probably are enthusiastic about the new year or you haven’t had the best year yet and are ready for something more and better in the coming year. You are not alone on this journey. Many others including myself are reading with you in the pursuit of total control and happiness for the coming year .

On 21st December, 2018, I had the pleasure of sharing some insights on whether or not setting new year resolutions were really necessary on Top Afric’s EFFIYA EPHYA SHOW in Hamburg-Germany, with my brother Padmund Jung. The discussion brought up a lot of insights which you can VIEW HERE for free.

To get anywhere in life, you certainly need to know where you are going. If there is no destination in mind, your journey would be meaningless. Interestingly enough, the universe has given us the power to decide our destinations based on the reason why we were made to come on earth, which is our full time job on earth. Therefore it is certainly okay to have an expectation from each year.

The parable of the water bottle and the stained glass.

Water was poured out of a clean-filled bottle of water into an empty glass. Each time it was poured into the glass, the water looked stained. This continued until the bottle got empty, and the glass of water had to be disposed off continually, to make space for a re-fill. What do you think went wrong?

The Lesson

We all carry a major part of ourselves from each previous year to another. Each year has its own opportunities and blessings aligned for every path. It is certainly important to set new year resolutions once you believe it works for you, because life doesn’t just happen; Life which is symbolised by every single breath we take and each single day we live is a reflection of the decisions we make each moment.

Life is about living to the fullest ability and taking control of everything that happens. If this is how life is, then it is very important to plan things out to fit the path on which you find yourself. That is why setting goals for every year is important. It is better to enter the year with goals than just your mobile phone.

However, there are three important things we can learn from this parable I created to  strategically position yourself for the good the new year has to offer.

  1. Don’t invest your energies into the wrong places, people and things: you need to know what you didn’t do right in the previous year. Be flexible enough to forgive yourself of any wrong because you didn’t know better, but now you do. Just like the parable, if you enter the new year doing the same old things you did that did not work for you, you will keep getting the same results. If you keep pouring positive energy into the wrong things, you will not have a successful year. Change your drinking glass! Reflect on what you think you did wrong in the previous year and make sure you don’t repeat them. Stop attending the wrong events, stop reading the wrong books, stop watching the wrong videos and stop listening to the wrong messages; you know them. Make sure whatever you do everyday is leading you to that realistic goal you have set for the year.
  1. Know what you don’t have that you need: do not waste your water. What you need is a clean glass, not a bowl, not a spoon but a clean glass. Set your priorities right and be realistic with them. Set realistic goals and take your time when setting them. Know that, life is also about growth and you always need to start from somewhere with what you have and who you currently are.
  1. You can always press the reset button in life: the fact that you have decided to pursue a better path doesn’t mean you would have it all smooth. You may probably make some mistakes, just get back on track quickly. You may fall at some places, just get back up quickly. Life presents us with a great opportunity to always start all over again. Have this mindset which would help you get over mistakes you would be doing and not get stuck in the dark. You can always start all over again. You can always get a new drinking glass and you can always get a new bottle of water.

In summary, whatever you do in this coming year should lead you to that place you would want to get to. Be prepared for what you are looking for and there should be a balance between who you presently are and who you’d want to be. It's a new year, you definitely would need to do newer things to get newer results.

Watch out for more articles geared towards your self development and business for the new year.

Derrick S. Vormawor

(Business Consultant | Entrepreneur | Author, Testing The Paint)

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