The Modern Religion in Africa

Dunamis International Gospel Center (DIGC)


This is not about denomination else my non Catholic friends will think l am jealous of other denominations. I personally think that this church building of about 100,000 seaters is a waste of resources.

The church is filled, no doubt but the population is not the bonafide members of the church, and even if they are, the percentage of vulnerable is high among the members. This we all know. Most African countries are currently not doing fine socio-economically.
Won’t it be better building homes for the homeless in the society? Giving scholarships with the money, building schools, providing food and clothing to the destitute among others.

Believe it or not the word of God has gone round the world but the work of God is still lacking in the lives of many. It is we human that will necessitate such by our actions and inactions.

How long will it take us to catch up with Europeans on development? We are repeating and practising what their forefathers did many centuries ago, to make matters worse, we are taking it too extreme and to an unrealistic level at the expense of the vulnerable in society.

Come to Europe, many abandoned churches have been given out as homes to the poor, turned into kindergartens, recreational centres and whatever.., among which Moslems are biggest beneficiaries.
I still don't understand the African ways of worshiping God, may be this explains why it seems God is no more in Africa. We are not getting it right.

Lessons to learn:
Religious activities should be checked in the African setting. You don't have to belong to a group to be seen as a good person. Some people are good, not because they are Christians, Moslems or Traditionalists but because they are human.

Some Atheists are better than some people with faith. This is to say, your religion should not define you but your morals and conducts as human.

Let your religion be love, because only love can make you love others the way you love yourself. If you are good to people because your religion teaches that, it then means that aside religion, there is a beast in you which your religion is suppressing thereby making you live a fake life.

Before anyone gets inclined to a religion, we are first HUMAN. Be a HUMAN, don't allow your religion define your being for you. If we are to strictly go by religion, no Christian brethren has the right to condemn a Moslem for his believe, vice versa.
This is why we are insisting that religion has not done so much good for us but dispersed us and the being in us.

I repeat, "the Dunamis International Gospel Center (DIGC) EDIFICE" situated in Abuja the Federal capital of Nigeria is a waste, we need infrastructural growth not big and bigger churches.

Authors note:
This is my humble opinion devoid of any ill feelings against any denomination.

Ituma Maria Oluchukwu
Certified Nurse 

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