Hamburg makes noise against Nazis


The Hamburg "Bündnis gegen Rechts" (alliance against the right wing) called out for a loud protest against the NPD election in the Central Station, which starts at 12 o clock today, opposite the Kunsthalle. They asked people to overtone the Nazi- Slogans, with whistles, vuvuzelas, drums, cooking pots, etc.

Reason for this noise demonstration is the primitive campaigning Style of the NPD party. They have been campaigning repeatedly for weeks with negative propagandas against foreigners. Their propaganda includes words like "stop the asylum flood", "spend your money on grandma, instead of the Sinti and Roma" and many more hatered propagandas against foreigners.

What Mayor Olaf Scholz (55, SPD), said last year, also applies for today and the future: "Hamburg stands against the right wing, and all are welcome to show: That we are many - and we're the good ones.

So everyone grab your cooking pots, vuvuzelas, and whistles and let’s make noise against the Nazis!!!

Compiled by Kolawole Ajibola

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