Lilian interviews Kwabena Kwabena


At 5:30 pm he walked into the studio with a guitar on his back and along side the team of New Talent Promotions Chris and Rockson.

Chatting with the trio was mega fun and they rocked the building but let me just give a tiny peep of how it went.

Lilian: Kwabena Kwabena welcome to TopAfric. You sing mostly love songs, why? Is it because you are a very romantic person or is just where your talent mostly lie?

Kwabena: Thanks for having us here. Well, I sing love songs because I believe so much in love and that only love can heal the world. If we all love each other, there wont hate and violence.

Lilian: Wow that’s my believe too. You sing Highlife and sometimes with a mix of bossa nova and mostly in Twi. I must say I’m impressed because most people your would have opted for English, especially when it has to do with love, so why did you tow this path?

Kwabena: Because I believe a person can express him self better in his language and my songs are an expression of who I am. And I also believe it’s high time we Africans start promoting our own and how else can you do it than through music? Music is a universal language that you don’t need understand the language to enjoy the song.

Lilian: Are you pan Africanist? Because you sound like one to me.

Kwabena: Yes I am. I believe in making Africa strong and if we all stand up for our continent, she is going to be great economically and otherwise.

Lilian: Chris what’s your part in this event?

Chris: I am the manager of New Talent Promotions and I’ve been very busy getting things together which in itself has not been easy. But thank God everything is finally in place.

Lilian: Why Kwabena Kwabena?

Chris: Because we believe Hamburg deserves the best and he is the best of the best in Ghana and that’s why we invited him.

Lilian: Kwabena what songs are you going to sing on Saturday?

Kwabena: The favourites of my fans abroad. My band and I have prepared a nonstop two hours package and we are going to give our best.

Lilian: I’m looking forward to seeing you guys play on Saturday. Thanks for coming but before you leave; I want you to give us a taste of what is awaiting us on Saturday.

Kwabena: Sure!